Bryan Blazosky - December 24, 2017

The Birth of the King


Luke 2:1–20 | “In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus…” For many of us, all we need to hear are these words for pictures or images to fill our minds of what the birth of Jesus must have been like. This is certainly not a bad thing. It’s simply a sign that most of us have probably heard a lot about this event. That’s a good thing. But what we need to be careful about is letting what we imagine happened or what we see in a nativity shape our thinking more than the text itself. In this sermon, we walk through one of the most famous texts in the Bible: the Christmas story from Luke 2:1–20. As we’ll see, Luke’s story is very brief about this event, and the story is told very simply and plainly. Luke tells the story so simply that it’s actually surprising. After all, this event, the birth of the King, shifts the entire course of history. But yet, Luke does tell us the story, and not every Gospel writer does. So, why did Luke tell us the story? What was it that Luke wanted us to see at the very outset about this person, Jesus of Nazareth?

Scripture References: Luke 2:1-20

From Series: "Miscellaneous"

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