Growth Groups are designed to help us bear each other’s burdens, study the Scriptures together, pray for each another, confess sin to each other, and encourage each other. As a result, every church member is expected to participate in a Growth Group. Each group is comprised of two to four adults, men with men and women with women. Every other week (during the weeks that Community Groups are not meeting), each Growth Group meets for about an hour at a time that works for everyone in the group. The groups might meet in someone’s home, at a coffee shop, or perhaps at a restaurant. During each meeting, the group spends time in the Scriptures, getting updated on how each person is doing at home, work, and in their walk with Christ, and then there is a time for each person to be prayed for by someone else in the group.

*For teenage members, we have a small group of teens meet with an older member of the church, teen guys with a man and teen girls with a woman.


Sundays 10:30 AM


6215 Oliver Ave S
Richfield, MN 55423


(612) 486-2722