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Community Groups are designed to help us cultivate deeper relationships within the church, grow together in the Scriptures, and serve together. As a result, every member of the church is expected to participate in a Community Group. Our Community Groups also provide a great way for those who are not yet members to learn more about RBC and to become more integrated into the life of the body. All are welcome to come to our Community Groups. Each group is typically comprised of four to six family units. Whenever possible, each group is intentionally diverse in both interests and circumstances: single and married, young and old, couples with kids and couples without kids, etc. Often in someone’s home, each group meets every other week for one to two hours at a time that works for everyone in the group. The meetings are informal but still intentional. Typically the group shares a meal together, and then, during each meeting, the group spends time in the Scriptures, either by reviewing the most recent sermon, discussing a portion of Scripture, or interacting on a book about the Christian life.


Sundays 10:30 AM


Centennial Elementary School
7315 Bloomington Ave S
Richfield, MN 55423


(612) 486-2722