Pastor Bryan Blazosky

Bryan regularly preaches and teaches the Word at Richfield Bible Church and also leads in setting the vision for our ministry. Prior to moving to Richfield in 2015, Bryan had the privilege of serving in the local church in Norway, Michigan, in the areas of youth ministry, deacon, and elder, while also teaching in the Bible department of Northland International University for nine years in northern Wisconsin. In 2016, Bryan completed his Ph.D. in New Testament from Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia, and he continues to teach part‑time at Bethlehem College and Seminary and Central Baptist Theological Seminary in the Twin Cities. Bryan is married to Tricia, and they have five children—Neshe, Ava, Leyla, Paton, and Elijah. Bryan loves spending time talking with others over coffee, playing and watching sports (esp. Pittsburgh sports and Duke basketball), and learning and teaching the Bible.


Pastor Phil Trach

Phil organizes and regularly leads our worship gatherings. He moved to the Minneapolis area in 2016 with his family after finishing at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Previously, Phil served with Bryan for several years as a deacon at a church in Michigan’s upper peninsula, and during this time, he also taught in the Bible department of a nearby Christian university. During the first four years of the church, Phil also worked from home as a remote employee for an IT support company, but in 2022, Phil was able to begin serving the people of RBC full-time. God has blessed him and his wife Rachel with three children: Isaiah, Maezie, and Tessa. Phil enjoys the guitar, running, refinishing wood furniture, watching college basketball, and trying to play it, as well.