Bryan Blazosky - September 9, 2018

Why the Life of Jesus Matters: An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark

Introduction | For many Christians, it is perhaps easier to explain why Jesus died or why his death matters than it is to explain why Jesus lived and why his life matters. In this introductory sermon on Mark’s Gospel, we consider some of the biggest questions that need to be asked when we study any of the four Gospels. “What is a Gospel?” “Isn’t there only one gospel? If so, why do we talk about there being four Gospels?” Most important in this sermon, however, is the question: “Why should the life of Jesus matter to us?” By God’s grace, may this sermon stir your own heart to want to read the Gospel of Mark and to long to see Jesus in it. As Robert Murray M’Cheyne said so powerfully many years ago, “For every look at yourself, take ten looks at Christ.”

Scripture References: Mark 1:1

From Series: "The Gospel of Mark"

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