a guide for RBC parents & kids to celebrate Easter

An Easter Scavenger Hunt

Kids, I need your help! I have a list of ten items I need you to find at your house. For each one, you’ll learn something about what makes Easter good, good news! Here are your instructions.

  1. If you have a brother or sister, work together with them; don’t fight with them to find things first.
  2. If you think you are too young to find all the items, that’s OK; just do what you can; we want everyone to be involved.
  3. It is best if you find the items in the order they are listed below.
  4. When you find each item, ask your parents to take a picture, making sure that (1) the item is very visible in the picture and (2) that YOU are very visible in the picture. Try really hard, but if you can’t find something, that’s OK; just draw it, and then take a picture of your drawing.
  5. After you find each item, ask your parents to read the description that goes with it, so that you understand how it is connected to Easter.
  6. Help your parents put everything away when you are done.
  7. Remind your dad and mom to send me all the pictures (phil@richfieldbible.com), and I’m going to make a movie with everyone’s pictures and send that to you. Don’t worry; I am not going to post the video publicly.

Kids, here is what you need to find. Go!

  1. A piece of bread. On the night He was betrayed, Jesus ate a meal with His disciples, where He broke bread and gave it to them, showing them that His body was about to be broken.
  2. A plant. While Jesus prayed to His Father in a garden, Judas came with leaders and soldiers to arrest Jesus.
  3. 30 pieces of change. Judas, one of Jesus’ disciples, betrayed Jesus so that he could get 30 pieces of money.
  4. A thorn. The soldiers mocked Jesus by making a crown of thorns and putting it on His head.
  5. 2 sticks in the shape of a cross. The soldiers killed Jesus by hanging Him on a cross.
  6. 3 nails. The soldiers nailed Jesus’ body to the cross.
  7. A piece of torn cloth. When Jesus died, the veil in the temple that protected the people from the presence of God was torn from top to bottom, showing that, through Jesus, God welcomes us to himself.
  8. A stone. Jesus’ friends took His body off the cross and laid it in a tomb; then a large stone was rolled in front of the tomb to seal it.
  9. 3 clocks/watches. Jesus lay dead in the tomb for 3 days.
  10. An empty tomb (Can you build this out of sticks, stones, grass, etc.? It doesn’t have to be big, just empty!). After 3 days, when Jesus’ friends came to the tomb, they found the tomb empty, because God had raised Jesus from the dead! He is alive!

What happened on Easter that makes it good, good news?

Kids, watch this video carefully. In the video, did you see any of the items you had to find? Afterward, can you tell your dad and mom why Easter is good, good news?