a study designed to help you trace the unifying, overarching story of the Bible and to help you find your own place in God’s unfolding story

What is this study all about?

For both Christians and non‑Christians, reading the Bible can be an intimidating task. Some of the primary difficulties with reading the Bible—beyond barriers such as language, culture, and time—are in seeing how the Bible fits together into a unified whole and in sensing how this unfolding story relates to our own story as human beings. The Story of Scripture Bible study is an inductive study of the overarching storyline of the Bible that is designed to help you better understand three important questions. First, what is the Bible? Second, what is the Bible about? Third, how can I be a better reader of the Bible? The Story of Scripture Bible study guides readers inductively through the story of Scripture from its opening chapters in Genesis about creation and humanity’s fall all the way through to its closing chapters in Revelation where God once again dwells in perfect harmony with redeemed humanity in the new creation.

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001 | Welcome to the Study
003 | Introduction, Pt 1

Subtitle: “What It Takes to Understand a Verse”

004 | Introduction, Pt 2

Subtitle: “What the Bible Is”

005 | Introduction, Pt 3

Subtitle: “Is there a story to Scripture?”

006 | Bridge

Subtitle: “The Setup of the Bible”

007 | "The Very Good Beginning," Pt 1

Subtitle: “Genesis 1”

008 | "The Very Good Beginning," Pt 2

Subtitle: “Genesis 2”

009 | "The Tragic Fall," Pt 1

Subtitle: “A Crafty Serpent”

010 | "The Tragic Fall," Pt 2

Subtitle: “The Curses and the Promises”

From Eden to Babel
011 | "Banished from the Garden"
012 | "Words of Hope from a Better Lamech"
013 | "Noah and the Flood"
014 | "Noah as a Second Adam"
015 | "Looking to the Line of Shem"
The Story of Abraham
016 | "The Call of Faith"
017 | "A Melchizedekian Moment"
018 | "Cutting the Covenant"
019 | "Abram, Hagar, and the God Who Sees"
020 | "Time To Change Your Name"
021 | "Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord?"
022 | "The Greatest Test"
From Isaac to Jacob
023 | "A Woman Like Abraham"
024 | "Isaac, Rebekah, and Some Tasty Food"
025 | "The God Who Looks After The Unloved"
026 | "Jacob And His Women"
027 | "An Unexpected Reunion"
The Children of Israel
028 | "The First Three Sons Of Jacob"
029 | "Introducing Joseph and Judah"
030 | "The Lord Was With Joseph"
031 | "God Has Exposed Our Sin"
032 | "The Lion from Judah's Line"
Out of Egypt
033 | "The Attacks on the Offspring"
034 | "The Call of Moses"
035 | "The God Who Wants To Be Known"
036 | "The Blood Of The Lamb"
037 | "The God Who Fights For His People"
The Law, Priesthood, and People
038 | "A Kingdom of Priests"
039 | "The Need for a Mediator"
040 | "A God Who Forgives But Does Not Let the Guilty Go"
041 | "The Day of Atonement"
042 | "Setting Out from Sinai"
043 | "When You Get What You Want"
044 | "Words of Hope From a Most Unlikely Source"
Moses’s Final Words
045 | "The Call to Obedience from the Heart"
046 | "It's Not Because of Our Righteousness"
047 | "The Need for a New Heart"
048 | "Waiting for a Prophet Greater than Moses"
Extra Talks
049 | "The Value of the Re-Read"
050 | "The Value of Narrative"
Joshua and Judges
051 | "Echoes of the First Generation"
052 | "Victory and Defeat"
053 | "Choose Whom You Will Serve"
054 | "The Downward Spiral"
055 | "Israel Has Become Sodom"
056 | "The Story of Ruth"
The Rise of the King
057 | "Hannah's Song"
058 | "The Need for a Better Priest"
059 | "The Rejection of God as King"
060 | "A Man Who Looked Like a King"
061 | "The Kind of King We've Been Waiting For"
062 | "The King upon his Throne"
063 | "The Highpoint of the Old Testament"
064 | "The Heart of God in the Heart of the King"
From David to Solomon
065 | "What No One Ever Saw Coming"
066 | "Condemnation, Repentance, and Pardon"
067 | "The God Who Can Bring the Banished Home"
068 | "David Goes the Way of All the Earth"
069 | "Who Was David Talking About"
070 | "God's Blessing to the Nations"
071 | "The Place God Chose to Dwell"
072 | "The Dedication of God's House"
073 | "A Failure to Finish the Race"
The Fall of the Kingdom
074 | "The Kingdom Divided"
075 | "Jeroboam's Worship"
076 | "A Lion, A Donkey, and a Man of God"
077 | "North and South, How to Read Kings"
078 | "The Kingship Is Falling"
079 | "The Prophets Are Rising"
080 | "Elijah, A Man Like Us"
081 | "God's Grace to the Worst of Sinners"
082 | "Passing the Torch"
083 | "Naaman the Leper"
084 | "Do You Believe the Word of the Lord"
The End of the Road
085 | "Jehu's Slaughterhouse"
086 | "Wicked Grandma and the Hope of the World"
087 | "Israel in Exile, Judah on the Way"
088 | "One Last Glimmer of Hope"
089 | "The [Apparent] Undoing of All God's Done"
The Role of the Other Books
090 | "How the Prophets Fit In"
091 | "What the Prophets Preached"
092 | "Jeremiah as a Case Study"
093 | "How the Wisdom Books Fit In"

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