Bryan Blazosky - November 11, 2018

When Jesus Breaks with Tradition

The Gospel of Mark

Mark 2:18–3:6 | Throughout Mark 2:1 to 3:6, Mark tells five stories about Jesus, where, in each case, there is opposition to Jesus. In this sermon, we work through the last three of these stories. In these stories, it becomes very clear that Jesus simply does not fit into the expectations, traditions, and norms of even his own people, especially the religious leaders of his day. The specific questions concern fasting and Jesus’s observation of the Sabbath, but the underlying issues are much deeper. Jesus simply will not be forced to be what others want him to be. Jesus is who he is. And we must take Jesus as he is, or we will not get Jesus at all. Jesus demands that we align with and identify with him and his teaching above all other social, religious, and cultural customs, traditions, and norms.

Scripture References: Mark 3:1-6, Mark 2:18-28

From Series: "The Gospel of Mark"

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